Natalie Jachyra is an emerging artist from Toronto, Canada, currently based in Edmonton, Alberta. Natalie holds a Master’s of Fine Art from the University of Alberta where she presented a body of work titled ‘the companionship of isolation’. She works predominantly in video, audio, and installation and is primarily interested in the ways we experience urban space and the encounters within them. Natalie’s work is thinking through various discourses such as phenomenology, female embodiment, urban environments and their social practices/ issues.

Recently, she has participated in the Luminous Bodies Residency in Toronto and was the 2017/ 2018 Artist-in-Residence at FAVA for the months of September and October. She is currently Harcourt House’s 2017/ 2018 Artist-in-Residence. Natalie is sessional faculty at the University of Alberta where she teaches drawing-based courses in addition to intermediate-level contemporary studio practices.